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All the way from Mexico city, Welcome to my Homeless World cup blog.

Festival of football (and photos)

October 13, 2012  •  1 Comment

So, there we go, today was a full on day, the semi finals day when every match counts, you can't go wrong when every team is trying to get one of the 6 cups that there is to grab therefore we simply had it all, last seconds goal, comebacks, disqualified crucial goals, penalty shoot outs, a festival of football and festival of photos so enjoy. (and if that is not enough i got more photos in my homeless world cup galley...)

Shannon Munster GAA 001 MAR_1706 NRS_3936 Morris_Family_Fintry_Zoe_Campbell_Photography-189

Full of emotions

October 12, 2012  •  1 Comment


Getting closer to the end of the tournament (only 2 days left) and when all the 6 cups are on the line the emotions will begin to come out in almost every match. For me it already began 2 days ago in the game between Haiti to Austria. After very tight match all way threw it all came down to the penalty shoot out.  With the tense in the air increasing every second and 2 attempts missed by both teams Haiti goal keeper saved Austria last attempt, his team mates ran to celebrate with him while he couldn't hold back his emotions and burst into tears. When it was all over I rushed to the media team with the images all I could say was  "Seriously... it was probably one of the most powerful moments I have ever shot"

The penalties, Haiti coach didn't want to watch, instead he put his head down between his hands and just looked up every few seconds to look at his players reaction to the what was going on on the field

Goal keeper getting support from team mates after Austria missing their 2nd penalty_DSC3912

The moment of victory, Emotional Haiti players running into the pitch

Goal keeper can't hold his emotions back and start to cry

Other players get caught in the emotions storm and start to cry as well, coach tries to calm his players

 Haiti goal keeper overwhelmed by his emotions falls down to the ground while an Austrian player congratulating him 

Thanking the croud

2015_ayse_aslan_cubbe_13 Getting off the pitch some of the players are still overwhelmed with feelings

2 days after the epic game we meet again, I WILL NEVER FORGET THIS MOMENT FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE... 

Where the change begins

October 11, 2012  •  2 Comments

This morning  Mel Young (the man behind Homeless World Cup) had an interview with a local film documenting crew, what Mel didn't know is that the interview will take place next to hidalgo metro station, a place where street homeless people hang around in a reality which is very hard to watch. we arrived early in the morning, some of the homeless behind the barriers who began to wake up were already high from glue sniffing and other drugs. While Mel was interviewed Jose from telemex foundation and Daniel Copto the president of street soccer Mexico were handing food and talked to the young men. once a ball tossed to the paved square they immediately began to kick it play and laugh and a  small sparkle in their eyes was beginning to shine a bit. when the interview finished they played a short match together with their friend Flaco (skinny in spanish) which is now a part of this year team Mexico. On the way back to the Zocalo i had a chat with 23 years old Emanuel, he has been living in the street since he was 7! Emanuel is a good friend of Flaco, and after seeing the change in his old time street friend he told me that he wants to try to get to team Mexico next year and hopefully get rid of his addictions and go back to live with his family. Like Emanuel there are many more people who do not have a home to come back to at the end of the day and today i really saw in front of my eyes where the change begins.


Flaco plays with where he used to hang around when he was homeless

Mel and Daniel handing t-shirts and hats to the homeless

Jose with the homeless

The smile is back on the face

"football can change the world"

Emanuel wants to begin and change his life for the better


A day at the museum of football

October 09, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

A change from routine is always good and refreshing and this is exactly what we had today. The teams played only half day and the than we went about 1.5 hrs drive to Pachuca to the museum of football. It was such a great idea, the players enjoyed themselves so much playing all kind of games and activities and you could almost see the innocent child that is hidden in every one of us (even me, just mine was well hidden behind the camera to capture this special moments). After seeing so many smiles in one day i can not help it and i also go to sleep now with a big smile on my face, what a lovely day! 

As always, you can see more photos in my Homeless World Cup 2012 Gallery

Who kicks harder?


Who runs faster?


Who jumps Higher? 


The ultimate question, Messi or Ronaldo?

Team Netherlands Playing outside


Team Guatamala



Couldn't done it without you

October 08, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

No, i don't mean you guys who are visiting my blog (even though that without you it would have been pointless to have this blog) no, i don't mean Di and Anthony who asked me if i would like to participate in this journey (even though i would never think of doing it without them) and no, i don't mean the homeless world cup organization that gave me this opportunity and a more than warm welcome (even though i would never be here without their kind hospitality). What i do mean is the sponsors.  Yes it takes one great men with a great vision (Mel Young) but without sponsorship non of it could have happen and all of us, from the organizers, photographers, media, coordinators, translators, volunteers, team managers all the way down to the players, none of us wouldn't be here and none of it would have happened without the sponsors so today's blog is about them, the sponsors, thanks, we couldn't done it without you. 

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